And then came Keoma

Seth Poulin

Seth Poulin is a life long lover of film with a penchant for the nastier side of cinema. He lives outside of Baltimore, Maryland where he operates the website Celluloid Terror ( and all of its branches.

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  • DJ Viking

    Like your review on Keoma, For me this film is absolute the best in his genre also because of the music and lyrics and the haunting voices of cybill and guy. These are real psychedelic and the filmmakers would like to sound it like the singing storys of Leonard Cohen by the time. The music is from G & M de angelis brothers and made many beautifull italian soundtrack scores.

  • Ugh

    Great review, this is one of my top favorite movies. Def a standout Spaghetti Western… As a musician, I have always liked the music too ;)

  • Christian Kaden

    This is by far the best Castellari film I’ve ever seen, and also one of the best Spaghetti Westerns. I liked the soundtrack from the first moment, it adds perfect to the story and atmosphere. Camera work and cuts are over the top, too. Outstanding!