Return of Ringo – my soul was born

Simon Gelten

"I'm not as old as Tom B. but I'm working on it. I hope to catch up with him by the end of the next decade.", he says. Simon saw all Leones and several of the Corbuccis in cinema, most of the time in Eindhoven, the city where he was born. Currently Simon is living in Turnhout, Belgium. He writes for a number of websites and has been part of the SWDB for years, being its most active author.

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  • Clark H

    That’s a lovely review Simon. A real treasure. Return of Ringo was one of the first non-Leones I saw and I still find it a very moving filmm. Maybe more now that I’m a father.

  • Phil Hardcastle

    Nice piece, Simon. I first discovered Gemma much later (his films are not shown in the UK and I had to wait for the technical wizardry of VHS before stumbling across his work) but I was similarly struck by his star quality. Gemma had a warmth which was unusual in a genre full of cheroot biting anti heroes but a style and level of athleticism that made him an exciting actor to watch too. A perfect balance for me. My small experience of seeing him in person led me to believe he was also a genuine and generous man in real life too. His passing has really saddened me but he will live on in his performances and those films will continue to put a smile on my face.

  • Tom Betts

    The first Gemma western I saw at a theater was Day of Anger. I was a huge Van Cleef fan and this film to me was right behind The Big Gundown as my favorite film of his as the leading actor. Gemma was non-entity to me but I enjoyed the film and the lessons Scott Mary learned from the master gunfighter. Later I discovered Gemma on video in A Pistol for Ringo and his boyish good looks, his athletic ability and his clean cut charm were a departure from the normal SW anti-heroes with the cigars and stuble. Gemma was in a league of his own and he’ll be missed, but thanks to his films being readily available on DVD we can enjoy the entertainment he has left us for years to come.